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100/100 Google PageSpeed Insights Score For Twenty Nineteen, Twenty Seventeen and Twenty Sixteen Themes.

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What the plugin does

My WordPress plugin made my Twenty Nineteen WordPress website load in 133ms when I followed these steps.

Get the perfect 100/100 mobile and 100/100 desktop Google PageSpeed Insights score for Twenty Nineteen, Twenty Seventeen or Twenty Sixteen themes by installing just one WordPress plugin.

What the plugin does:

Special WP <head> configuration

The SpeedThemeWP plugin configures WordPress website HTML and removes non essential components which improves page load speed on both mobile and desktop devices.

The HTML markup is clean and optimised.

WordPress defaults optimised

The SpeedThemeWP plugin stops and removes non essential WP functions that slow WordPress websites down.

Plugin dashboard options page

Choose which optimisation feature’s you’d like to activate or de-activate from within the WP Admin using the plugin settings page.

100/100 Google PageSpeed Insights score

A 100/100 page speed score is achievable on Google PageSpeed Insights. Your page speed score is impacted by web hosting performance, DNS performance and how many plugins your site has installed. The demo site and speed claims are for Twenty Nineteen, Twenty Seventeen and Twenty Nineteen WordPress websites without any additional plugins installed.


Page speed test our website! It has a 100/100 Google PageSpeed Insights score on both mobile and desktop.

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